Kallina Brailsford
photography....moving image....mixed media






A Bit About Me:

Kallina Brailsford is an accomplished photographer and artist who uses encaustic, photography and video art as her main mediums.

Kallina was born in Bulgaria, but spent a considerable amount of her childhood living in Dubai and Singapore, before returning to her home country to finish her education.

After a period working in London at the start of the millennium, she again returned to Sofia where she continued to develop her ideas, gaining recognition through several exhibitions, before eventually deciding to return to the UK where she undertook a Masters degree at Nottingham Trent University and is currently teaching at New Bulgarian Univerisity.

Having exhibited her work around Europe, her work aims to explore the self, initiating self-awareness through photography, by using various techniques - the most recent of which being self-portrait technique and participatory group work.
Much of Kallina's more recent practice focuses on the therapeutic qualities of photography and how it can be used as a tool for personal development, social cohesion, and self expression within groups.

As an extension of these ideas, Kallina began a social enterprise in collaboration with like minded people to allow groups, communities and businesses to explore and engage with these practices. 'Human Camera' was set up with the belief that photography brings people together, and as a result has a unique strength to disseminate knowledge and elicit change.

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